PARTNER WITH US We’re looking for like-minded local and international partners to support our work. We recognize the vitality of working together – both within the Virunga community and across oceans – to achieve environmental conservation and sustainable community development. We welcome new …Read More

  2. Easy Sustainable Tourism Practices

    Here at the Red Rocks Initiative for Sustainable Development, our mission is to offer volunteer abroad programs that engage local communities through sustainable practices in the veranda massive region. By partnering with young professionals, students, and researchers, we can help these local commun…Read More

  3. What Is Sustainable Tourism?

    Sustainability is a common term used across seemingly every industry in the world. It’s even been applied to the tourism industry. As the number of people traveling continues to rise, there is a parallel increase in the use of local resources and a strain on some communities as they try and meet t…Read More

  4. What Is Community Conservation?

    The idea of conservation has been in the popular mindset for decades. As humans begin to recognize their immense impact on the natural world, they begin to view the environment itself as their most precious resource. While researchers and scientists may be the most vocal supporters of conservation e…Read More

  5. Welcome To The Red Rocks Initiatives Blog

    Since our foundation in 2013, the Red Rocks Initiatives for Sustainable Development has been committed to uplifting and empowering the communities living within the Virunga massif region of Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Today, we’re excited to include you in our work in a n…Read More

  6. Karibu Community Conservation Trust Fund

    Karibu Community Conservation Trust Fund Red Rocks Initiatives for Sustainable Development has made a mutual partnership with Kahuzi-Biega Community Conservation Trust in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to find ways through which they can inclusively work together to harness Tourism, …Read More