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Gilbert MAKELELE KADIHIRA, a specialist in Community Development projects , with 10 years of experience in the Coffee - Cocoa Sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Innovative entrepreneur of Congolese nationality (DRC), lives in Ngula village, Bugarula group, Rubenga Chiefdom, Idjwi Territory, South Kivu Province in DRC,Initiator of various programs in the DRC,

  •  Founder of the Cooperative Society of Innovative Coffee Producers in Kivu "SCPNCK" in abreviation, whose head office is located on the Island of Peace of Idjwi in South Kivu in DRC
  •  Initiator of the Peace Program in the East of the DRC via the Socio-Economic Recovery (Trading Conflict for Coffee in DR Congo) make Coffee, not war, Our-story, program that lead me to be publicity Ambassador of Peace by Universal Peace Federation(UPF), in ZAMBIA-CHIPAKA, on August 30, 2017,
  • Founder of the CAFE - CACAO Program for the Conservation of Protected Areas and National Parks of the DRC,
  •  Initiator of the First Interprovincial Forum for the socio-economic recovery for Peace in the East of the DRC,
  • Initiator of the Agro Forestry Program in Eastern DRC,
  •  Initiator of various Social Enterprises for Peace in the East of the DRC and the Protection of the Environment,
  • At the Present moment, he is the Country Director of RED ROCKS INITIATIVE FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT in DRC, whose headquarters are located on the Island of Idjwi in South Kivu, where the local population are already benefiting from its program and also the Current President of the Board of Directors of the network of Cooperatives of Coffee and Cocoa Producers of the DRC.

Coffee Time: This combines adventure tourism experience and coffee experience. This is a precious time that tourists spend enjoying tea tours/, cycling, traditional herbs tours, and modern coffee processing and making a tasty tea from Idjwi Island while learning tea history as it was introduced there at the first time.

The yummy Idjwi Island honey is produced by local beekeepers living on the Island. This honey business gives those jobs and income which also motivates them to protect the waterline around Lake Kivu. Come and enjoy the beekeeping experience and buy a bottle of the amazing Idjwi Island honey and support local communities

Birdwatching and Nature Walk: Tourists visiting Idjwi Island enjoy a beautiful natural reserve with several bird species. They do a nature walk, boat riding, kayaking, swimming, picnic, canoeing, and fishing with local communities, and take good photos for memory in an old-growth forest with an amazing refreshing breeze from Kivu and the island. This Island is full of rich history, fauna, and flora, bringing rest and refreshment to the soul, body, and mind.

This focuses on experiencing the unique culture and community lifestyle of the Bonte people. You will enjoy the dance performed by indigenous people, and Gusama performed by the Nkombo people. This area is rich in terms of cultural diversity as its community lifestyle is a mixture of Congolese culture and Rwandese culture.

We partner with the locals to organize the idjwi marathon and Community expo. It is fun running throughout the Island. After the long run and Community Expo, participants relax and rejoice in the after-party. The Community Expo aims to raise community awareness in conservation and tourism around Idjwi Island and promote local businesses.

Red Rocks Initiative for Sustainable Development joined other individuals / Organizations and Tourism businesses in declaring a climate emergency and taking action to reduce their carbon emissions. An initiative that declares climate emergency and taking purposeful action to reduce their carbon emissions as per the advice from The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to cut global carbon emissions to 55% below 2017 levels by 2030.See how responsible tourism stakeholders and other personalities have committed to take action against climate change byvisiting

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