Sports for Conservation and Sustainable Development

Sports like football, cycling, and athletics/ marathon are not only profitable for the sportsmen, but also a way of healthy living for everyone. Following the history of the communities in our catchment area, our program seeks to use sports for peace building, environmental conservation, and community tourism.

This involves cycling and running marathon around our national parks, as we sensitize the participants about the importance of community participation in conservation and sustainable tourism. We plan to upscale the program to cater for the physical and mental development of the participants to feed into the objects of our organization.

Sustainable Vacation Learning

We engage a team of volunteers to conduct exchange teaching and learning sessions. The local youth and women learn English and other international languages, as they in turn teach the volunteers the local languages, aimed at enhancing effective communication between the visitors and the host communities.

The women and youth are involved in selling products like handcrafts require effective communication, so they can engage with the tourists who visit local attraction sites. The locals in turn have their standards of living uplifted, whereas helping in the environmental conservation around the parks and other tourist destinations.